and Sophisticated


Bruno de Vicq uses a cosmic and circular
aesthetic to create a surrounding and dancing
atmosphere with high energy.

A sophisticated mix of House Music, NuDisco, Indie Rock, R&B and Brazilian Music
circulates in high rotation on the DJ’s pickups.

Whether it’s a sunset or a nightclub vibe, the
soundtrack is exclusive for those who enjoy
contemporary and sophisticated music.

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Places and parties

Where I performed...

The list of places where Bruno de Vicq has
performed is extensive and growing.

It should be pointed out places and parties where DJ Bruno de Vicq performed: “Ilha do Arroz” (a trendy island in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro), Bienal Brazil´s book fair, end of year parties of National and International Companies as Telemar, Oi, Petrobras, Net, Coca-Cola, Globosat and Souza Cruz, launch event of Índio da Costa’s products (a Brazilian designer), Meeting with Carlton Art (Casa Cor – one of the key events in Brazilian architecture and interior design), World Cup Tour 2014 – Brazil, Roland Garros in The City, Soul Lounge at Caesar Park By Sofitel Hotel, Fasano’s Rooftop Hotel (Summer, 2019), New Year’s Eve at Copacabana (Emiliano Rio Hotel and Sofitel Luxury Hotel) and Coca-Cola Hospitality at the Rio Olympics. 

Abroad Brazil, he also performed in Salvador – BA, Fernando de Noronha – PE, Curitiba – PR, Teresina – PI, Trancoso – BA, Tiradentes – MG, Goiânia – GO, Florianópolis – SC, Caxias do Sul – RS, Vitória – ES , Caraíva – BA, São Paulo – SP, and performed internationally in the USA and in Europe.



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